A Dermie To Be
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>> Song playing:
BeAUty vs UgLy
Bop, bop, bop to the top.

Galz or ladies or even women!pay close attenti0n to dis~

du U Eva thought dat....
u r ugly?
lost of confidence?
feeling helpless??
not satisfy with ur appearance?
havin a gain in weight?

now2...darlinzs~dun u dare to think dat u r!

U R NOT!..obviusly~

~stylin,make up,hair do,new dressess~
nt necessarily for guyz to 'usha'

ciriusli!it for US to gain..

bt sumtime..
too much of fashionista are t00 BOLD to be accepted even among of the girls themself..

so its better to say...
simple is better!!

dependla kan...on behalf of da ownie herself..

apparently,we galz..(most of us)
tend to spend a lil too long..
for beauty makeover..perhaps...hahah

bt hell hoe care!
its mybe 'its t00 long for dos hoe wait'
bt not for da doer !
itu penting for us kn ladies~!
if we eva spot even the slightest cm of dirt or even tuck on our dress!

it an emergency situation ladies!!!
even i myself duduk cam cacing kepanasan!
s long s dos stain ade..

tpikan..weird tau!
even kte dah iron bju lawa2..
maybelline blusher dh letak..
studio foundation dah cover pimples!..
sunblock nano dh apply...
mac fixer dah spray..
smokeys eyeshadow dh taruk
perfume berbau abis satu bilik dah pon..

why sumtimes..or most of da time...i guess
we galz!
tend to feel...

"oh no!i lo0k fat!"

"gosh!i luk ugly in dis dress"

"omo.i hate my face!!"

bet u all penah rasa cmni!
jgn nk tipu ea.......
it not dat we are thruthfully

it just ..seiring dgn ketetapan ALLAH
manusia xkan penah puas with wat dey have..

ur not ugly syg...
it just
u r not at UR OWN TASTE YET~

find ur inner shine !!
try change style from time to time..
if it about ur skin n health beauty..
now2..ape guna dermatologist kan??
get ur consultation...
from expertist~
jgn ingt nk lawa on instant tau!

bare in mind jelitawan..
menghias diri da batasan..
tpi ia juga penting..
bkn nk bt movie free kt pakwe2 je k..

it for ur own gud!

i luv to wear new dress!
i luv my make up
i luv my perfume..
n it not for show!
it for us to feel!
gave me lots of confidence!i tell ya!

ble i confidence...
i du thing surprisingly in gud mood!
mcm injected by endorphine gitu!
happy mood!

3 things i luv to do inside my house!
  • hair do
  • stylekn bju
  • facial therapy

tpi..alasan xleh melawa..
yg kdg2 didengari

'ish!mne boleh.tk tutup aurat'
'kau gile pe nk ak mke up cmtuh??mau diorg gelak"
malu la!

sape ckp xleh pkai bju sexy2?
sape ckp xleh pkai bju daring..
sape ckp awak xleh kelihatan cantik??

pkaila dlm umah..
bende yg takleh pkai kt luar..
u can du its openly inside!
xde sape nk tegur.
bkn satu kesalahan kan???
tayang kat org yg leh tgok je!
no prob!

tnyla pendapat kwn2 regularly..
be brave askin for opinion..
sbb kdg2..
bkn kte sendiri yg judge..bt people who see~
mcm tny soklan mate kalo tak tau..
mintk org ajarkan..
mcm tula gak
tips utk penampilan diri..

so ladies!
believe me~
u r definately not ugly.
it just dat u r not at ur own taste yet
find it!
there u go!

B3auty vs UgLy

no darling..


no more


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