A Dermie To Be
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>> Song playing:
I wanna Be a Good Muslim.Not a Bad Muslim~
Bop, bop, bop to the top.

Have u ever think urself were not being a  good muslim even once??
i think i du have.
nt jus once..bt almost all the time~

should i list it?

bt for what??

bt why??
for you.. to always REMEMBER
 for me... never to FORGET
and for US...to always RECHECK n CORRECT

When were the time i think i am nt a good muslim???

1-i watch korea n stuff..rather than islamic issues

2-i can stand watching dramas n movies for a  long time..
bt cant do the same while praying n reading quran

3-i stayed out late at night for my medical study..
bt i could not even bother to stay up for qiamullail

4.sometime..actually most of time..i only doa like 2 to 3 time per days..after solah

5.cant even finished my quran.. sometime in the years back den..

6.sometime when i ws asked to follow my family jam'ah..excuses were my answer.
bcoz im lazy to stand with them.nauzubillah

7.when i ws a kid.my mum asked me to pray.
so i closed the door.n pretend to pray :(

8.when i ws a kid.when it comes to fast.
whenever i am tired .exhausted.
open fast...thats what i always done

9.I can remember exactly when were the time for my favourite dramas n movies airing..songs n stuff
bt hafaz Quran??
ashame to say..juz amma n few surah i've learned in my school back then~

10.i can be punctual for my study.my meal.my exam.my gathering.my date.
bt there were jus a few time in my life..when i am punctual for my solat.

i know i could have listed lots more..
bt its enough for me to write..
da rest..i should just replay it in my mind.

what to do next??
Make a box of RECHECK

Tick on  a point u have correct each day..each time u think..u did it!

"I wanna be A Good muslim.Not a Bad muslim"


Tahu x ape itu Jehovah's Witness???
Bop, bop, bop to the top.

when i first heard bout dis Jehovah...i ws like..ape tuh????
n thnxs to my kakak..
i started to...sort of diggin into it~

at very 1st...kakak citer pasal patient di UK...
hospital di UK sgt aware dgn patient2 Jehovah ni..
as for some reasons actually..
oh.btw.JEHOVAH nih..satu jenis aliran dlm christian
n nomally..penganut2 ni di kenali sbg WITNESSES

so bck to da story.kak bgtau,if any Witnesses dtg..n need blood transfusion.
Doc hve to let them like bleed to death..in cases of TCA which is Traffic Car Accident..
sort of table death (TO)..dlm operation theatre (ot)..

to start with..s i mentioned b4.Jehovah adalah salah satu aliran fahaman dlm kristian
Mereka sgt percaya yg Bible mengharamkan for their believers to ingest blood.
therefore ,they cant accept or donate or even store for blood transfusion.

Isu ini,dlm fahaman mereka known as Non-negotiable religious stand.
n those  believes in them,will respect life as a god gift..n 
tkkan sustain blood even in case of emergency.
*bersyukur sgt dgn keindahan islam ye kwn2 :)

sedikit latar belakang agama ini.
so..i think..thats all for my quick redemption for not being an active blogger..huhuhu.
ma frens.hope.ambik knowledge..
n let it be use in a correct ways..
always believe Islam in da only one..we should have faith with.

bye2! :P byong~

follow itツ