A Dermie To Be
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Have u eva heard of ECZEMA ????
Bop, bop, bop to the top.

hi korang!!!!
mmg agak2 tersgt lama xupdate blog nih...
maaf ya!!humph....da stori nk sharing is caring ni!!

like las 2 wiks ago.
.i pegi jumpe dermie kt aloq staq kn...
since i had jus finished my 'isotretinoin'..
my acne on my back n trunk sudah hilang!sgt berkesan..howeva..few days b4 i dpt jumpa dermie,sumthin looked like rash...appeared.
akibat tidak sanggup melihat
so to da dermie i went!holla!!!

doc tuh pon dah siap tau email,no tepon mesir i la..
i sampai je malaysia..doc tuh mmg concern suh dtg jumpa dye.
hopefulli..nti ble i dpt jd dermie..
i pon dpt jd concern cm dye!uhuh

ok2..back to da storilah ea..
i told everythng yg jd kt kulit i..
hence..doc deduced dat im having ECZEMA..

Apekah itu eczema????
i du noe yg ianya sumkind of skin dermatitis..but....
what causes it n how to prevent??

is a general terms of dermatitis n skin rashes.

1-Contact eczema
causes:allergen or any irritant
characteristic:redness,itching,burning on skin

2-Allergic contact eczema
causes:poison ivy,preservatives in lotion or cream eg:neosporin
characteristic:red,itchy,weepy reaction

3-Seborrheic eczema
causes:unkown -often known as dandruff in adult and cradle cap in infant
characteristic:oily.yellowish,scaly patches on skin of face,ear,scalp

4-Nummular eczema
characteristic:coin shape,isolated patches of irritated skin,crusted,extremely itchy,scaling
common site:arm,back,buttock,lower leg

5-Stasis dermatitis
causes:generally related to circulatory proble and congestion of vein on leg

These are some types of eczema yg i nk tunjuk kt korang..tpi sebenarnya....banyaaaaakkk lgi jenis2 nye..but no matter wat...
hve n0 fear.ECZEMA is not contagious..
we can still prevent n treat dis case.

Sum may say it is due to skin dehydration which is why im havin eczema rite now.
Isotretinoin fight with bacteria inside our body causing severe dehydration on ur skin.
sumtime ur lip may even crack n bleed .

corticosteroids cream are sometimes prescribe to decrease inflammation of skin depends on its severity....
eg;oral antihistamine,diphenhydramine,cyproheptadine,phototherapy n immunosuppresant drug

P/s:we malaysian should change our way of remembering our medicine..
as for example:
let say..ble gi jumpe doc.
when u r seeing a doc for any treatment.jgn la ckp..
"aritu sy mkn ubt kaler putih bentuk kapsul gitu..utk sakit urat"

ini hanya akan menyusahkan doc malah diri anda sendiri..
even ur prescription will not be as effective as it could be..
try to remember exactly not jus da trade name of ur med but as well as its scientific name for better reference in future

my next project:liposuction~cant wait~uhu~!

follow itツ