A Dermie To Be
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>> Song playing:
I wanna Be a Good Muslim.Not a Bad Muslim~
Bop, bop, bop to the top.

Have u ever think urself were not being a  good muslim even once??
i think i du have.
nt jus once..bt almost all the time~

should i list it?

bt for what??

bt why??
for you.. to always REMEMBER
 for me... never to FORGET
and for US...to always RECHECK n CORRECT

When were the time i think i am nt a good muslim???

1-i watch korea n stuff..rather than islamic issues

2-i can stand watching dramas n movies for a  long time..
bt cant do the same while praying n reading quran

3-i stayed out late at night for my medical study..
bt i could not even bother to stay up for qiamullail

4.sometime..actually most of time..i only doa like 2 to 3 time per days..after solah

5.cant even finished my quran.. sometime in the years back den..

6.sometime when i ws asked to follow my family jam'ah..excuses were my answer.
bcoz im lazy to stand with them.nauzubillah

7.when i ws a kid.my mum asked me to pray.
so i closed the door.n pretend to pray :(

8.when i ws a kid.when it comes to fast.
whenever i am tired .exhausted.
open fast...thats what i always done

9.I can remember exactly when were the time for my favourite dramas n movies airing..songs n stuff
bt hafaz Quran??
ashame to say..juz amma n few surah i've learned in my school back then~

10.i can be punctual for my study.my meal.my exam.my gathering.my date.
bt there were jus a few time in my life..when i am punctual for my solat.

i know i could have listed lots more..
bt its enough for me to write..
da rest..i should just replay it in my mind.

what to do next??
Make a box of RECHECK

Tick on  a point u have correct each day..each time u think..u did it!

"I wanna be A Good muslim.Not a Bad muslim"


Tahu x ape itu Jehovah's Witness???
Bop, bop, bop to the top.

when i first heard bout dis Jehovah...i ws like..ape tuh????
n thnxs to my kakak..
i started to...sort of diggin into it~

at very 1st...kakak citer pasal patient di UK...
hospital di UK sgt aware dgn patient2 Jehovah ni..
as for some reasons actually..
oh.btw.JEHOVAH nih..satu jenis aliran dlm christian
n nomally..penganut2 ni di kenali sbg WITNESSES

so bck to da story.kak bgtau,if any Witnesses dtg..n need blood transfusion.
Doc hve to let them like bleed to death..in cases of TCA which is Traffic Car Accident..
sort of table death (TO)..dlm operation theatre (ot)..

to start with..s i mentioned b4.Jehovah adalah salah satu aliran fahaman dlm kristian
Mereka sgt percaya yg Bible mengharamkan for their believers to ingest blood.
therefore ,they cant accept or donate or even store for blood transfusion.

Isu ini,dlm fahaman mereka known as Non-negotiable religious stand.
n those  believes in them,will respect life as a god gift..n 
tkkan sustain blood even in case of emergency.
*bersyukur sgt dgn keindahan islam ye kwn2 :)

sedikit latar belakang agama ini.
so..i think..thats all for my quick redemption for not being an active blogger..huhuhu.
ma frens.hope.ambik knowledge..
n let it be use in a correct ways..
always believe Islam in da only one..we should have faith with.

bye2! :P byong~

A TiRAmisu dat Every0ne cn hve~ :) Biskut+Kek
Bop, bop, bop to the top.

its easy!
 its SIMPLE!
its in INSTANT!!

humph...i started cravin to dis sort of tiramisu
ble senior2 yg tgh ambik final exam 5th yer skang...
dtg umah bwk tiramisu ...
sgt sedap!
den i pon mntk tlg KAK AIN
ajarkan cmne nk bt tiramisu ni~~~~

later by later..
i found this one blog..belong to a former student of dentistry in india
bt now..i think..dye dh tgh posting kt malaysia..
dlm blog dye..
she posted about her own recipe of  makin tiramisu~
intanberlian87-resipi kek tiramisu yg mudah dan sedap

dh cuba.n sgt sedapp..!!
tiramisu nih sebenarnye
 leh je buat ngn kek,biskut atau campur kedua2nya sekali pon ok
mengikut kreativiti masing2

kemudian sy olah blik resipi akak nih buat.




  • TOPPING:putar gula+susu.
  • kemudian campurkan serbuk whipped cream td.putarkan lgi sehingga cream tersebut sehingga apabila diangkat dgn sudu ,ia tidak jatuh~
  • kemudian campurkan cream cheese serta yogurt dan terus putarkn lagi.
  • selalunya:sy sediakan 2adunan topping. 1adunan dibiarkan putih. 1adunan lgi sy campurkan serbuk koko.
  • selepas itu,sy hancurkan biskut boreo dan masukkan ke dalam adunan putih tadi.
  • hiris kek td kecil2..tpi biar tebal sikit..kemudian susun atas bekas/loyang secara meyeluruh.
  • kemudian jirus air nescafe ke ats kek tersebut.
  • masukkan adunan topping koko tadi..dan tutup layer kek td.(ketebalan ikut citarasa)
  • kemudian,ambik biskut finger,dan rendamkan dlm air nescafe.
  • letakkan biskut yg telah direndam td ke atas lapisan topping td.
  • letakkan pula adunan topping putih td bersama boreo yg telah digaulkan sekali .
  • Langkah ini diulang sehinnga memenuhi bekas.
  • tpi sy slalu buat 4-6 layers je.
  • layer atas sekali.titiskan air nescafe menjadi sedikit lubang diatas lapisan topping yg terakhir..kemudian tabur sedikit serbuk koko di atas nya.
  • Untuk hasil yg lebih sedap,sy sarankan,biarkan ia di dalam peti ais dlm 2jam.
  • Tiramisu anda siap!
alamak gambar terbalik la..kira halal la yer!huhuhu

selamat mencuba!!!

NeverShoutNever -HAPPIEEEE~~~~
Bop, bop, bop to the top.


im justtt sooooooooooooo addicted to
at da moment

i simply luv da word call 'happy'
i duuuu enjoy it
hope u guys as well!!

so kindly spread my luv k u alll!

click dis link for MV
NeverShoutNever happy unofficial MV


You make me happy whether you know it or not
We should be happy 
that's what I said from the start
I am so happy knowing you are the one
That I want for the rest of my days
For the rest of my days
Your, all of my days

You're lookin' so cool you're lookin' so fly
I can't deny that when I'm staring
You down right dead in the eye
I wanna try to be the person you want
The person you need
It's hard to conceive

That somebody like you could be withSomeone like me

I'm happy knowing that you are mine
The grass is greener on the other side
The more I think the more I wish
That we could lay here for hours and just a reminisce
Ooh Ooh

[ /n/nevershoutnever/happy.html ]
You're lookin' so fresh
It's catching my eye
Why oh why did I not see this before
The girl I adore was right in front of me
And now I'll take a step back and look in your eye
And ask why it took so long to see
We're meant to be

I'm happy knowing that you are mine
The grass is greener on the other side
The more I think the more I wish
That we could lay here for hours and just a reminisce

On the good, the bad, the ugly
The smiles, the laughs, the funny, 
Or all the things we put each other through
It's for you for you for you

You make me happy whether you know it or not
We should be happy that's what I said from the start
I am so happy knowing you are the one
That I want for the rest of my days
For the rest of my days 

I'm happy knowing that you are mine
The grass is greener on the other side
The more I think the more I wish
That we could lay here for hours and just a reminisce

Ooh ooh

    mp3  mediafire


Mai cupCake secawan (o.-)~
Bop, bop, bop to the top.

dh lmenyeeeee xupdate blog!!
siap spam dh byk..
luckily...kak zura..sudi 'mereformkn'
blog nih blikkkk...hehehehehe

post kli xde kaitan pon ngn medic.
jus nk update je..
nex post..
insyaAllah..liposuction ok!!!

as for today..
cupcakies nye homemade recipe will be reveal..
thnxs to my luvly bestie..
Ainul Husna 
utk kesabaran mengajar bdak bru nk bljar..hehehehe
of cos..it started las summer....;)


Bhg 1
Bhg 2

  1. Pukul kesemua bahan di bhg 1sehingga sebati.
  2. Bancuh bahan di bhg 2
  3. Gaulkan bhg 1 dan bhg 2.
  4. Masukkan adunan ke dlm bekas cupcake. 1/3 saja yg diisi setiap satu bekas.
  5. Sedia utk dibakar.anggaran suhu 180c

 (b)topping dan buttercream

   korang leh pilih either nk gune topping or buttercream..
   as for me..i prefer butter cream lgi..sbb leh maen2 bt mcm2 kaler ;P


gaulkan bahan sehingga sebati.
utk BUTTERCREAM..anda boleh la kalo nk tmbah pewarna..ikut citarasa masing2..mcm gmbr kt bwh nih..

terpulang kpd kreativiti masing2.
sama ada nk letak 'sugar doll'(yg bentuk haiwan plg i ske!!)-mcm gmbr ats nih!!!_
chocholate rice..
n bt style menggunakan piping kecil..(bkn piping kek ok!!)

so,,,,inilah hasilnyaaaaa...hope korang enjoy!!selamat mencuba!!!

credit goes to u -matal-

madah arini-menjadi seorang doktor bukan alasan utk tidak tahu memasak! ;) huhuh


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