A Dermie To Be
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>> Song playing:
I wanna Be a Good Muslim.Not a Bad Muslim~
Bop, bop, bop to the top.

Have u ever think urself were not being a  good muslim even once??
i think i du have.
nt jus once..bt almost all the time~

should i list it?

bt for what??

bt why??
for you.. to always REMEMBER
 for me... never to FORGET
and for US...to always RECHECK n CORRECT

When were the time i think i am nt a good muslim???

1-i watch korea n stuff..rather than islamic issues

2-i can stand watching dramas n movies for a  long time..
bt cant do the same while praying n reading quran

3-i stayed out late at night for my medical study..
bt i could not even bother to stay up for qiamullail

4.sometime..actually most of time..i only doa like 2 to 3 time per days..after solah

5.cant even finished my quran.. sometime in the years back den..

6.sometime when i ws asked to follow my family jam'ah..excuses were my answer.
bcoz im lazy to stand with them.nauzubillah

7.when i ws a kid.my mum asked me to pray.
so i closed the door.n pretend to pray :(

8.when i ws a kid.when it comes to fast.
whenever i am tired .exhausted.
open fast...thats what i always done

9.I can remember exactly when were the time for my favourite dramas n movies airing..songs n stuff
bt hafaz Quran??
ashame to say..juz amma n few surah i've learned in my school back then~

10.i can be punctual for my study.my meal.my exam.my gathering.my date.
bt there were jus a few time in my life..when i am punctual for my solat.

i know i could have listed lots more..
bt its enough for me to write..
da rest..i should just replay it in my mind.

what to do next??
Make a box of RECHECK

Tick on  a point u have correct each day..each time u think..u did it!

"I wanna be A Good muslim.Not a Bad muslim"


follow itツ